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Selenite Crystals


Selenite with its satin appearance is known as the calming stone and this makes it an ideal stone for meditation.

It’s a stone that has one of the highest vibrations and just holding it and gently rubbing the stone helps in opening your Crown Chakra and assisting you in connecting with your Guides and Angels. To increase telepathic abilities place a small piece on your Third Eye Chakra.

It is a perfect stone for aligning the spinal column and aiding in the relief of neck pain.

This wonderful stone is also ideal for protecting the home by making a grid; place a piece of Selenite in each corner of the home or one larger piece in the home, this will bring peace and tranquility to the atmosphere.

Selenite will also clear other crystals and stones of any negative energies and reprogram these stones.


Dragon Chalice

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Featured Item for October

Dragon Chalice

Ritual Chalice

This month’s Featured Product                                                       

Dragon Chalice

The chalice measures approximately 7½" in height and 3¾" in diameter. Coming right out of high fantasy, this wonderful, cold-cast resin chalice has been carved with intricate patterns of Celtic design, crosses, and the detailed image of a majestic dragon, framed against a deep red background. With a rich, medieval feel it is perfect for setting the mood for your rituals, spells, and ceremonies. To keep this detailed sculpted design pristine it also features a removable metal cup, allowing you to keep the contents from ruining your chalice and take the worry and troubles away from washing.

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This week we are featuring a product from our Statue page.

ATHENA is the Greek Goddess of Wisdom, Courage, War, Strength and Strategy. The virgin patron of the city named for her, Athens. She was the Goddess to whom the people of Athens devoted the ancient temple, The Parthenon. Athena figures prominently in a wide range of Greek myths, including the tale of Medusa, who unlike her Gorgon sisters was a beautiful priestess within Athens's temple. However, Poseidom defied Medusa's vow of chastity within Athena's temple and for violating her temple Athena cursed Medusa such that her hair turned to snakes and her lower body became a serpent. This is a beautiful statue and stands 12" tall.

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Witch's Book of Shadows

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This week's featured product

This week, we're featuring our Witch's Book of Shadows in our product spotlight. This book offers cold-cast resin sculpted covers which JRNL8  64493 zoomare extra thick. The spiral-bound journal proudly proclaims itself as a book of shadows. The words are displayed as a title against a background and are textured to appear as though they are made of stone. The image of a witch before a crescent moon rests above the book title. This book is approximately 5" wide and 8" tall and is filled with unlined paper.

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